Exclusive Excerpt Rebecca Grenville A Romance Volume II

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Exclusive Excerpt from Rebecca Grenville A Romance Volume II

We took off at eleven thirty. Five hours later we were arriving at Marin County airport at one thirty in the afternoon.

A cab took us back to Will’s home where he insisted we stay for a further day or two.

“I’m sorry, Will,” I said, “I would like to get back to our apartment. I need to ring Mr Wortle and tell him I’ll be back at work tomorrow. Is that okay with you, Jane?”
“Of course, Becs. Whatever you want to do. We will come back here another time, Will. Your home is truly magnificent and I don’t see why you should be the only one to enjoy it.”

“Not the only one,” pouted Boopsie. “I’m here too.”

Boopsie. I still hadn’t got to the bottom of the problem that was Boopsie. Why had she and Will had separate rooms at the White Cow? It didn’t make sense.

“Boopsie,” I said, “of course you’re here too. Thank you for coming with us. We’ve enjoyed your company, haven’t we, Jane?”

Jane smiled. “We have, Boopsie. You’re a good sport. I thought that man Les at the archery centre was going to have a heart attack whenever his hands got anywhere near your boobs!”

Boopsie laughed. “And did you see that wife of his! What a state! Poor man!”

“At least you cheered him up for a while,” I said.

Will was slightly censorious. “You shouldn’t tease men so much, Boopsie. It could get you into serious trouble.”

Boopsie laughed even louder. “Will, why do you think I’m made this way? That’s my job. To tease men.” Somehow she managed to stick both her ass and her tits out at the same time in an extremely provocative pose.

“Boopsie!” Will said. “Behave. Come on girls, I’ll take you home.”

Boopsie fluttered her eyelashes. “Will, please hurry. I’ll be waiting for you.”

Will had to laugh. “Come on, let’s see what car you fancy riding in.”


We arrived at our humble apartment block in Will’s huge Bentley Continental GTV8.

“Here you are, ladies,” Will said as he took our cases out of the boot. “Show me the way.”

We protested and said we could carry our own cases but will was not to be put off and it would have been churlish not to let him act the part of the white knight leading his ladies to the door of his castle. Except it was our door and certainly in no way a castle.

“Come in, Will,” I said as I took a case from him. “Would you like a coffee?”

“Sure, that would be nice.”

Jane made the coffee while I gave Will a quick tour of the apartment.

“You’ve got a really nice place here, ladies,” Will said as he sat down.

“It’s Jane’s place really,” I said, “but she lets me stay here.”

Jane punched me on the arm playfully. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Silence. Perhaps we were all talked out. Perhaps we needed some space as in those Jane Austen novels where the guests at the big house, especially the ladies, would retire for the afternoon so they wouldn’t be bored with each other’s company when the ball actually started.

“I guess I’d better be going,” Will said at last.

“You don’t want to keep Boopsie waiting,” I teased. “She’ll probably have some exciting bedroom adventures lined up for you, Will.”

Will frowned. “I don’t think so. You see …” he began then stopped.

“What? What, Will?”

Will smiled wryly. “Nothing. All in good time, Rebecca. You’ll find out all in good time.”

What was that? What did that mean?

“Sorry, Will, but you’ve lost me.”

“Me, too,” said Jane.

“Nothing. I mean … nothing. Perhaps when you come to the house I’ll be in a better position to explain Boopsie.”

Explain Boopsie. This was becoming more intriguing by the second.

“Come on, Will. Spill.”

I laughed. “That’s a good one, Jane. Spill, Will. I like it. Come on, Will, spill.”

Will smiled. “Later, ladies. I’ve got to go. It’s been a pleasure.”

We saw Will out, collapsed on the sofa and kicked off our shoes.

“Now just exactly was that all about, Becs?”


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