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Rebecca Grenville A Good Woman in preparation

I have finished the last volume, volume VI of Rebecca Grenville An Adult Romance. Just published on the Kindle. In the meantime I am planning my next two books and am preparing a complete edition of Rebecca Grenville with the preliminary new title of Rebecca Grenville A Good Woman. This will consist of all six volumes and will be heavily discounted. I am putting the prices up of volumes two to six to $2.99 per volume but will be offering the complete edition at $4.99, a discount of over 60%! Just published at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013VFPQVS

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Why Romantic Fiction Matters

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Romantic fiction matters because it is the most popular genre read by readers. If you think it doesn’t matter then you are rejecting what millions of readers love. Let’s re-phrase the question. Do readers matter? Put like that you have to answer of course they do even if you are coming at the question from the most mercenary of angles, that is big business, big money. Simply put: romance sells lots of books.

I am interested in exploring the relationship between readers of romantic fiction and the fiction they choose to read.

I am also interested in pondering the question of why romantic fiction is not considered serious fiction. For example is Thomas Hardy’s Far from the Madding Crowd a romance or a tragedy? It contains elements of both. On the other hand Tess of the D’Urbervilles is most definitely a tragedy even though it contains a lot about romance and the love between a man and a woman. D H Lawrence’s The Rainbow is considered a great work of literature (just as Hardy’s novels are) yet at its heart it is also a romance and contains some of the best scenes ever of a couple enjoying their honeymoon in the whole of literature.

I am also interested in exploring relationships between men and women. I am deliberately excluding men-men and women-women relationships as I consider that, as the majority of us are interested in the opposite sex,  that is the most important relationship to explore. And as a heterosexual male it is also the one I have personal experience of.


Tips for good relationships: For women

  • A lot of men and a lot of women are frustrated with the opposite sex. This tends to be due to a basic misunderstanding of what each sex wants out of a relationship. Men want a woman to be honest with them, to say what she means instead of playing stupid mind games where she tries to nudge her men towards making a decision which she wants them to make and which she thinks will please her men. For example I once sat in a staff room where a female member of staff was prattling on about where she wanted to go on holiday and how she was trying to get her husband to make the decision she wanted him to make. This tale went on and on until I said to her in frustration, “Why on earth don’t you just tell him what you want? The way you’re going on drives men crazy.” She wouldn’t have it but couldn’t give a sensible reason why she had to manoeuvre her man in this way. This kind of behaviour is so common in women you’d think they’d all gone on a course on how to manipulate men. Ladies, it doesn’t work. Don’t do it.
  • Men are looking for a woman with intelligence, one who is happy in her own skin and doesn’t have to be constsntly reassured about her looks, her clothes, what ever.
  • Men do not want a bimbo, one who talks and behaves in a certain way, almost baby-like Barbie-doll way. On the other hand you should have seen the way that men flocked around a couple of blond cousins of mine when they pretended they couldn’t put on their skis. Those cousins are absolute stunners and very clever but also very manipulative.
  • Men do not like gold diggers. He wants to give you treats but he doesn’t want to dedicate his pay packet to your upkeep.
  • Men love a woman who can be spontaneous. Don’t let the routine you establish become such a routine it becomes boring.
  • Men like a woman who can relax and who they can relax with. Don’t argue about things that don’t really matter. For example my wife can’t wash dishes. Okay we have a dishwasher but sometimes things need to be washed by hand. I always try to do these as inevitably my wife never washes things thoroughly and if I’m drying I simply return the item to her and say it’s not clean. I do try to avoid this most of the time by washing items myself.
  • A good sense of humour is essential in any relationship. And don’t forget it has now been proved that laughter is the best medicine.
  • Men want a woman who knows she’s a woman and is not afraid to express her sensuality. Take the initiative and dive in and encourage sex between you.
  • Men need space. They do not want to have to spend every second of every bit of free time with you. This reminds me of the time we had a loft extension built in our home. Instead of blocking off one half of the roof space where the extension wasn’t, I got the builders to create doorways. I then floored this extra interior, built a wall and put doors on. Naturally all this work involved time and one day when I was working in the roof space I was astonished when my wife suddenly appeared and went into a near melt down as she said I was neglecting her. I simply shook my head, looked at her and said, “Do you want this done or not?”
  • Men love a woman who supports them. If he wants to change his career, be supportive.

Even the toughest of men likes somewhere to fall. Be there for him but don’t be his mother. Tips for good relationships: For men

  • Women love a man who is confident, who is happy in his own skin. Natural confidence makes a man appear more trustworthy.
  • Women are attracted to a man who is kind and gentle and who can provide for her and her children. This is a deep set gender thing which has no sign of disappearing just yet no matter how unmaterialistic the woman may consider herself.
  • Women love a man who can make them laugh. A good sense of humour is essential in any relationship and those who can laugh together are more likely to stay together.
  • Women find men who have a passionate love of life and all adventures that come their way very attractive.
  • Women find intelligent men attractive. Also research shows that the more intelligent a man is the higher is his libido.
  • Women love a man who can find himself comfortable in different social situations such as among her own close friends.
  • Women love a man who can read and empathise with their emotions. Sometimes a woman wants a man to listen to her closely and be sympathetic to her concerns. If man can listen and respond at the correct time without interrupting he will be well on the way to securing a life partner.
  • Women love a man who exudes a brightness of spirit, who has a generally positive outlook on life.
  • Women love a man who takes care of his appearance and his health without being obsessive about either.



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